Friday, January 09, 2015

The Beanie Issue


Looking at these pictures I still remember that afternoon perfectly: I had a meeting with my favourite lecturer from university for the last time. So sad, but so motivational at the same time. 
Afterwards I had to make some changes to my outfit because I was hanging out with my boyfriend. Thus and so, I swapped my shirt for this bright pink jumper, untied my hair and put this chic veil beanie on. We snapped these pictures in our way. Too bad the sun was keep playing hide and seek and we couldn't get a proper light for the photos.
Anyway, we're all a bit sceptical when it comes to wearing beanies wondering the same questions over and over again: "Is it lady-like enough?", "What if it doesn't suit my outfit?", "What if it's not suitable for my face?" and so on. But let's face it ladies, if we really want to wear it, we will find the same excuse: "I have ears and I need to keep them warm!!!". I have to admit it though, I've become quite obsessed with veil beanies lately and they are so welcomed in my wardrobe. 
My advice in choosing a piece of clothing or accessory? If you like it and it suits your figure and outfit, wear it! Fashion is not about following trends, it's about expressing yourself. This is how we manage to get our own style, so BE YOURSELF! 


I was wearing: 

Zara skirt and shoes,
Primark jumper,
River Island bag,
Topshop beanie.

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