Friday, January 02, 2015


Knock, knock! Is anyone still there? ... I am happy to let you know that I finally found some well-need time to start blogging properly. I mean it! And this time it won't be just for friends and family.
 2014 was one hell of an year and I can fairly say that this was the year of major changes. In the first six months and my very last semester of university, my craziness reached its highest peak. Seriously, I was going M.A.D.!!! For those who're wondering why, I'll name a few of the reasons: essays, exams, my major project, rehearsals, performances, presentations, voluntary work, dissertation and countless sleepless nights... need I say more? Graduates will understand. But, the most important thing is that I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams: I graduated! I made it away from home, in a wonderful foreign country that I can proudly call it my second home.  
The other half was full of big challenges, disappointments and changes. Highs and lows, joy and tears, this big bunch of diverse experiences taught and guided me to the path that I am following today. It all may sound cheesy, but this is the transition period that all graduates encounter sooner or later. We're all locked up in a little bubble during our education years and when it bursts we're thrown away into the real world. It's like an unexpected cold shower: shocking, challenging, yet so refreshing and good! 
I finally have time for myself to think clear and focus on my priorities!  
And yes, blogging is one of them, this time I'll take it to a whole new level. I have hundreds of pictures to show you that I never got the chance to post and so much more. 
No more: daydreaming and failed attempts to blog.
For now, I'll post some photos from my Instagram diary including lovely places, 

 flowers, sweets, shoes and other girly things

and, of course, the unavoidable selfies...

P.S. I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with health, wealth and joy! 

And always be kind!


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