Monday, February 09, 2015


Another veil beanie? Yes, I'm obsessed. 
Today we talk about the differences between capes and ponchos. I'll share my knowledge about it with you and try to say/write it short and simple. Well firstly, let's get back in time! 
Many of you may think that capes and cloaks are the same thing. During the Renaissance, a cloak was a long piece of garment covering the full lenght of the body. Most of them had large hoods that covered the head. (see Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Zorro or Red Riding Hood). A cape was the upper side of the cloak tied around the shoulders.
Ponchos were firstly worn by the residences of Central and South America. Yes, the ones that mariachi wear together with those big sombreros.  A poncho is usually made from wool and has rectangular shapes. 
Unlike the capes, the ponchos has a hole cut in the middle, otherwise it would be just a blanket. Another difference is that capes are made from circles while the ponchos are made out of rectangles.
What the hell was I wearing? A weird combination of these matched with a large scarf and tied with a belt. I worn this outfit when I went for a Sunday walk, light shopping and a meeting with friends. 

Have a lovely Monday evening!

I was wearing:
No name cape
Meli Melo beanie
H&M dress and scarf
Kurt Geiger ankle boots
Guess bag