Sunday, June 01, 2014

Strolling Around II

Well, this is not one of my best outfits, but for sure one of the most comfortable ones. We all know that fashion is never comfortable. But, as I said in the previous post, there's nothing more relaxing than roaming around a historical town surrounded by mountains in flats. In boiling hot days, even flats could be uncomfortable. How? If you're wearing leather ones that don't allow your skin to breath properly, your poor feet will swell. This is exactly what happen to me. What did I do? I just run to H&M and bought this super comfy pair of espadrilles. I would have preferred them in beige, but how could I be fussy when my feet were unhappy?
But what to wear after the sunset? Just wrap yourself in your boyfriend jacket, warm, big, comfy and always fresh scented. 
Anyway, HAPPY 1st of June! According to the calendar, the long-awaied summer is officially here! YAY! What are your plans for this lovely season?

By the way, the picture above was taken on the Rope Street, the tiniest street in the Eastern Europe. Yes, this actually a street. Crazy, right?

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