Monday, October 14, 2013

A Girl Talk about Fragrances

Oh well... who doesn't love perfumes? I don't think there is anyone who actually hates them. It's amazing how a little bottle full of scent can change your mood instantly. When I come back home after a long exhausting day I take a long shower, add a few drops of perfume and put a lipstick on and Voila! I feel so much better. 
 A while ago I didn't care that much about the perfume I was wearing. I used to pick something that smelled lovely and wear it. Now, I have a completely different criteria, I choose what to wear depending on the seasons, occasions, mood, outfit etc. One drop here and there add that feminine touch to any outfit. No one can see it, but they can feel it. It's magic like fairy dust or something. Don't write that you sound like a lunatic perfume-obsessed lady! 
OK, you got the point!
What's your favourite perfume?


So, I will start this post with my all time favourite perfume, Dior, J'adore L'absolu. It might sound strange, but when I wear it it boosts my self-confidence. It sounds weird, right? But I'm sure it happened to you at least once. I always liked J'adore, but when its stronger version appeared it completely won my heart!

I have a special 'relationship' with this perfume. As you may know from my late birthday shopping post here I decided to buy it for my birthday last year. I was turning twenty and I wanted to buy a fragrance that is representative for this transition from teenager to adult. So, I found Chanel No. 5, the femininity symbol in a bottle. Not to mention that exactly on my birthday the new campaign featuring Brad Pitt was revealed celebrating   the wonderful fragrance's 91st anniversary. 

Now, as I pointed out above I like to wear my perfumes depending on the seasons, so I wear the strong sweet ones during the cold season such as Chanel No5 and Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto. I make a little exception with Nina Ricci and Dior J'adore L'absolu and wear them every season because of their smell which is not too sweet or too fresh. 
I usually wear them in the evenings.

Nina Ricci always has - as I call them - delicious fragrances. 

Now, the warm season ones which are so fresh, full of life and flower scented.
When I smell Ellenisia from Penhalgon's I'm always thinking of royal gardens in bloom in Spring warm days. I also like the bottle, so vintage and cute. 

Yves Saint Laurent, Parisienne, smells like roses and adds a drop of chic allure to any outfit. Its smell reminds me of pastels, macarons and ruffles(anything Paris-realted actually).

Lancôme Trésor in Love, a lovely fresh and fruity fragrance.

ZARA FOR HER. This scent smells like fresh laundry and it's perfect for those days when you just want to feel cosy and put your favourite pair of jeans, a white shirt, a favourite lipstick and you're ready to go.

 Burberry Body, I always use this for the days when I'm home read a book and drink my cup of tea. Or when I'm going to eat a Sunday brunch with my boyfriend. 
These are just my opinions about the perfumes that I wear. I would like to hear about yours. :)


  1. Oh I looooove the Manifesto one from YSL. I got it as a gift from YSL themselves(!!!) And loving these pictures, did you made them yourself?


    1. Thank you! Yes, all the pictures in this post are taken by me! :)