Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Romanian Seaside

I couldn't have been happier when my mom told me to pack because we were going to the seaside the next day. It was all I needed after the stressful academic terms. I know many people dream of travelling as far away as possible and spend their holiday beside foreign seasides. Well, it is understandable because I have that feeling too very often. But sometimes, I come to the conclusion that if you want to relax for a bit you don't need to go that far. Don't misunderstand me I am a big fan of travelling, exploring different countries and discoveriung new cultures. But, if you live in a country that provides nice seaside why wouldn't you take advantage of it? Remember that your country is foreign for other people too. 
That having been said, here are some pictures of my short, but lovely holiday.

Enjoy folks!

I was wearing:

ZARA shorts
M&Co shirt 

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