Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Treat

   This is how I spent Easter this year: surrounded by industrial quantities of chocolate and delicious fruits. I put aside any remorse of gaining weight and looking as voluptuous as a naked lady in one of Rubens' paintings. I pampered myself eating every single thing my heart desired. And YES, I am very aware of the  fact that it's not healthy to eat so many sweets at once. But how could I say NO to all appealing offers from good smelling chocolate shops?

Welcome to my Candyland!

I got obsessed with delicious cakes from Patisserie Valerie

Besides, the logo of their company reminds me of the old beautiful posters painted by Toulouse-Lautrec for Moulin Rouge. It perfectly describes the spectaculous taste of their cakes. 

Voted the best chocolate shop in town, Chocolat Chocolat products always make me think of the cookies my grandmother used to bake for me when I was a child. Perhaps, this is because most of their sweets are homemade.

Once again, Hotel Chocolat proved that it is a luxury chocolate brand and their products are pure quality. 

I highly recommend you these truffles. They are the most delicious ones I have ever tasted. 

Some good French baking books

Some fresh fruits are very welcomed after so much sugar. 

Candy maniac doing some monkey business.

A last glance before "cleaning" the table.

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